Hi There!

Nice to meet you

I'm Sara. Cliff-notes version of me - I love my husband, dog, and  Disneyland more than a normal adult should.  You will often find me in my office giggling at New Girl while trying to keep a steady pen on paper.  I started this crazy adventure into the world of calligraphy all because my mother told me I was not allowed to have the address printed on my wedding invitations - they had to be hand-written.  Even though I was well into my 30s at the time, I still had to please my mom.  I took one calligraphy class  and I was hooked. Much to my wonderful husband's dismay our house is filled with papers with random doodles and our Roomba,  Zoila often dies in my office while trying to vacuum the scraps of my latest project. 

Give me a call, text, email, smoke signal, or whatever floats your communication boat.  I can't wait to chat with you on how I can help personalize your event! 

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